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Pradeep Singh Mehta

Secretary General, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS)
Secretary cum Treasurer, CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition,
Chairman, Advisory Board, South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment
Co-Chairman, International Network of Civil Society Organisations on Competition

D-217 Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur 302 016, India
Phone: 91(0)141.228 2821/228 0968(D)
Cell: +91 98290 13131
Home:  91(0)141.2811701
Fax:     91(0)141.2282485/2282733
psm_cuts@rediffmail.com / psm@cuts.org


Date of birth : 21st April 1948
Sex : Male
Citizenship : India
Marital Status : Married, with two children
Wife : Aruna Mehta, a former entrepreneur
Passport : Z3545027 valid until 03-03-2026


  • Higher Secondary, The Scindia School, Gwalior, India, 1965
  • B. Com, St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, University of Calcutta, 1968
  • Course for Young Businessmen, Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, 1973
  • L.L.B, Rajasthan University, Jaipur, 1975 [1]
  • Professional Member of the Institute of Marketing and Management, New Delhi, 1975

Very high sense of responsibility, dedication and professionalism, with a passion for excellence and achieving goals. Reasonable analyst, and a highly skilled communicator, both oral and written. Prolific writer, educator, builder and trainer, with a track record of creating many institutions, leaders and networks.

To bring about crucial changes in peoples’ lives and make the world a better place to live in through research, advocacy and networking on economic governance issues.




4th M. R. Pai Memorial Award for being a crusader in educating consumers on competition and regulatory issues in India and elsewhere.



Visiting Scholar, Loyola University Law School’s Institute for Consumer Antitrust



Honorary Senior Fellow, Centre for Trade & Investment, Centre for Management Studies, HCM Rajasthan State Institute for Public Administration, Jaipur



International Diploma of Honour for Social and Consumer Activism by American Biographical Institute

2012 :

Member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) high level Panel on Defining the Future of Trade.

2005-06 :

Member, World Bank Operations Evaluation Department’s High Level External Advisory Panel for the Trade Assistance Evaluation

2003-2004 :

Member of the Informal NGO Advisory Body of the World Trade Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland.

2003-06 :

Member, OECD’s Advisory Committee for Investment in Africa, OECD, Paris.

2003-06 :

Member, International Advisory Panel on Consumer Law Reform, Government of South Africa

2018 : Member of the Think Tank on “Framework for a National Policy on E-commerce” Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India
2017 : Member, Better Regulatory Group, DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
2017 : Member, Technical Committee for the Scheme on “Labelling of Environment Friendly Products”, Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India
2016 : Member, Steering Committee for the Scheme of Labelling of Environment Friendly Products, Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India
2016 : Member of the Board of Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India
2016 : Member of the Central Advisory Committee (CAC) of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
2015 : Member, Official Delegation of the Government of Zambia to the WTO Ministerial Meeting at Nairobi, December, 2015
2013 : Member of the Steering Committee under the Eco Mark Scheme of the Ministry of Environment and Forests for formulation of strategies for promotion and future development of Eco Mark Scheme
2013 : Member, National Road Safety Council, Government of India (third time)
2013 :

Member, Official Delegation of the Government of Zambia to the WTO Ministerial Meeting at Bali, December, 2013

2011 :

Member of the Steering Committee on Industry constituted by the Planning Commission of India

2011 :

Member of Working Group on Business Regulatory Framework constituted under the Steering Committee on Industry by the Planning Commission of India

2011 :

Chairman of Task Force on National Competition Policy constituted under the Working Group on Business Regulatory Framework

2011 :

Chairman of the Working Group on Education related to Road Safety constituted under the National Road Safety Council by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

2010 :

Member of the State Advisory Committee for Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) for State of Goa & Union Territories

2010- : Member, National Road Safety Council, Government of India (second time)
2010 :

Member, Advisory Committee of Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (AERA)

2007-09 :

Member, Central Consumer Protection Council, Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs
(fifth time)

2006- :

Member of the Central Advisory Committee (CAC) of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)

2005-07 :

Member, Advisory Committee on National Competition Policy to draft a Competition Policy Statement, Competition Commission of India

2005 :

Member, Official Delegation of the Government of India to the WTO Ministerial Meeting at Hong Kong, December, 2005

2004-07 :

Expert Committee on Inter-relationship between the MEAs and WTO regime, Ministry of Environment & Forests

2004-09 : Member, Advisory Committee on Regulations, Competition Commission of India
2001-03 :

Member, National Advisory Committee on International Trade of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (second time)

2001 : Member, Advisory Group on World Trade and Related Issues, Ministry of External Affairs
2001- : Member, Advisory Committee, Rajasthan State Electricity Regulatory Commission
1999-01 :

Member, National Advisory Committee on International Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and its working groups on:
a) TRIPs, Trade & Environment, Transparency etc
b) Investment Policy, Competition Policy etc
c) Industrial Tariffs, Special and Differential Treatment

1999 : Member, National Codex Committee, Ministry of Health
1999- :

Investors Forum of the Securities and Exchange Board of India

1998-99 :

Expert Group on the Interaction between Trade & Competition Policy of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

1998- :

Central Consumer Protection Council, Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs (fourth time)

1997- :

Consultation Groups of the Ministry of Commerce:
a) New Issues: Investment Policy and Competition Policy
b) Trade and Environment

1996-98 :

Member of the Board of the Life Insurance Corporation of India as a consumer representative and its Committees on: Consumer Affairs, Buildings Advisory, Real Estate Policy

1996- :

Expert Group to Review the Laws, Regulations and Procedures in the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

1995- : Think Tank of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
1995 :

Member, Ministerial Committee of the Road Safety Council for drafting the National Road Safety Policy

1992 :

Member, Committee to Evolve Mass Emission Standards for Motor Vehicles for the Years 1995 and 2000 AD, Government of India

1990-97 : Member, National Road Safety Council, Government of India
1990-2000 :

Member, Technical Committee on Ecomark, Government of India and its several Technical Sub-Committees: Aerosols and Fire Extinguishers (Chairman), Textiles, Food Additives, Packaging, Electrical Appliances, Soaps & Detergents, Paper and Paper Products, Paints and Coatings, Coir Products etc.

1989-97 :

Member, West Bengal State Consumer Protection Council, Govt of W. Bengal

1988-97 : Member, Central Consumer Protection Council, Government of India and its Working Groups on:
  1. Perspectives for the Consumer Movement in the 8th Plan Period
    Code of Conduct for Voluntary Organisations
  2. Steering Committee for Implementation of Recommendations of National Convention, December 1996
  3. Amendments in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (COPRA), 1989-90
  4. Amendments in COPRA and the Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 (MRTPA), 1991-93
  5. Interaction with Trade and Industry
1988-95 :
Member, Rajasthan State Consumer Protection Council, Government of Rajasthan
2017 : Member of the CII Committee on International Trade Policy and Exports
2017 : Member of the Rajasthan Priorities Academic Advisory Committee: India Consensus (A partnership between Tata Trusts, Copenhagen Consensus Centre).
2017 : Member, Board of Advisors of the Legal Aid and Awareness Committee of National Law University, Jodhpur
2016 : Member of the CII Committee on International Trade Policy and Exports
2013 : Member, Advisory Board of Centre on Global Consumer Law, Wuhan
University, China
2011 : Member of the Executive Committee of Disha Foundation (A Resource Centre for the Disabled), Jaipur
2010 :

Member, Advisory Board of American Antitrust Institute (AAI), Washington DC, USA

2010- :

Member of International Advisory Council of Centre for Intellectual Property Competition, Consumer and Trade (CEPIC), School of Graduate Business Administration, University ESAN, Lima, Peru

2009-10 :

Member of the Centre for Global Development (CGD) Working Group on Trade Preferences Reform.

2007-08 : Member, The Warwick Commission into the Future of the Global Trade Regime, UK
2006 : Member, Asian Competition Forum
2006-08 :

Member, International Advisory Board of GARNET (Global Governance Regionalisation and Regulation; The Role of the EU), The University of Warwick, UK

2005- :

Member, Evian Group Brains Trust, Lausanne, Switzerland

2005-07 :

Member, CII National Committee on Infrastructure, New Delhi, India

2002 :

Member, International Bar Association, London

2002 :

Member, International Advisory Group, Institute for Consumer Antitrust, Loyola College, Chicago, USA

2001 :

Member, Centre Advisory & Review Group of the Research Centre on Regulation and Competition, Institute for Development Policy and Management, Manchester University, UK

1997-99 :

Member, Global Policy & Campaigns Committee on Economic Issues of the Consumers International, London

1995-97 :

Co-Convenor, Global Policy & Campaigns Committee on Economic Issues of the Consumers International (formerly IOCU), London

1995-2004 :

Member, Executive Board, International Centre for Trade & Sustainable Development, Geneva

1994-97 :

Member, Executive Committee of the Consumer Coordination Council, New Delhi and Chairman of its Committees on Training and Formulation of Mission Statement

1994-95 :

Member, Global Advisory Committee on Trade, International Organisation of Consumer Unions (IOCU), London

Advising governments in India and other developing countries, the UNCTAD, World Bank, OECD, WTO etc through participation in their expert group meetings and seminars on trade, development, investment and competition policy, and comment on publications in these areas.

Very large experience as both participant and as organiser. Have participated in over 300 seminars, conferences and workshops, and organised several. Presented papers as session speaker and as keynote speaker in many major and minor meetings all over the world. The topics ranged from investment, competition, consumer protection, trade, advocacy, fund raising and communication. Have been involved in nearly three design meetings to develop vision and mission statements and corporate strategies.

Widely travelled, having visited more than 100 countries in all the continents since 1989, while holding long-term visas for the USA, UK, France (Schengen), Singapore, Australia, Pakistan and Canada. Visited some countries more regularly on work related assignments


Published over 1500 articles in several newspapers and magazines since 1988 on issues relating to consumerism, competition policy, and trade & economics. Have been a regular columnist for:

  1. The Economic Times on Sunday
  2. The Illustrated Weekly of India
  3. The Pioneer
  4. The Telegraph
  5. The Economic Times
  6. The Sunday Observer
  7. Hindustan Times Jaipur Live
  8. Navabharat Times (Hindi)
  9. Rajasthan Patrika (Hindi)
  10. Business Daily, Nairobi

Currently, I am a columnist for The Financial Express, The Hindu Businessline, The Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, The Economic Times in India, The News in Pakistan, Financial Express, Bangladesh on trade, development, governance and economic policy issues.


Investment & Competition Issues

    • Should Competition Policy & Law be Blind to Equity?
    • Competition and Regulation in India, 2013
    • Competition and Regulation in India, 2011
    • Did we make any difference? Reforming Competition Law Regimes in the Developing World through the 7Up Programme
    • Evolution of Competition Laws and their Enforcement: A Political Economy Perspective
    • Competition Law in India: A Toolkit,
    • Why should consumers be interested in Competition Law & Policy
    • Competition and Regulation in India, 2009
    • Competition and Regulation in India, 2007
    • Competition Regimes in the World – A Civil Society Report
    • Towards a Functional Competition Policy For India
    • Multilateral Competition Framework: In Need of a Fresh Approach
    • Multilateralisation of Sovereignty: Proposals for Multilateral Frameworks for Investments
    • Analyses of the Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy

Economic Regulatory Issues

  • Comparative Study of Regulatory Framework in Infrastructure Sector: Lessons for India
  • Creating Regulators is not the End, Key is the Regulatory Process
  • Politics Triumphs Economics? Political Economy and the Implementation of Competition Law and Regulation in Developing Countries (Volume I &II)
  • Institutional Independence in India
  • Capacity Building on Infrastructure Regulatory Issues (I and II edition)

Consumer & Social Issues

  • Using Consumer Law to Improve Governance
  • Consumer Protection Act and the Supreme Court
  • State of the Indian Consumer: Analyses of the Implementation of the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection, 1985, in India
  • Numbers At What Cost?
  • How to Survive as A Consumer?
  • Consumer: What to do? How to do?
  • Growth and Poverty: The Great Debate

Trade and Economic Issues

  • Reflections from the Frontline: Developing Country Negotiators in the WTO
  • Why was India’s Ecomark Unsuccessful?
  • Essays on the International Trading System - An Unfinished Journey, 2004
  • Bridging the Differences: Analyses of Five issues of the WTO Agenda, 2003
  • WTO and India: An Agenda for Action in the Post Doha Scenario, 2002
  • ABC of the WTO
  • Globalisation and India: Myths and Realities
  • Trade and…Where Do We Go?
  • Environmental Conditions in International Trade
  • All About GATT – a consumers’ perspective

Several guides, monographs and briefing papers



  1. Jaipur Club Ltd, Jaipur
  2. India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
  3. Indian Red Cross Society, Calcutta
  4. Delhi Gymkhana Club, New Delhi


  1. Horse Polo, Billiards, Snookers, Cards
  2. Travelling, reading and collecting horsey postage stamps and statuettes
  1. Dr. Vijay Kelkar
    Former Chairman Finance Commission
    A-701, Srinivas Blossom Boulegaurd
    421- South Main Road
    Near Pingale Farms
    Pune – 411001
    Phone 91-20-2556 0068/91-20-2556 0069
  2. Mr. Nitin Desai
    Former Under-Secretary General of United Nations
    B-63, Defence Colony, 1st Floor
    New Delhi 110 024
    Ph: 91-11-2433 7070 (Res)

[1] Exams not undertaken

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