Competition & Investment Issues

  • Cartel Prevalence in Africa – A Diagnostic Study (C-CIER No 6/2010)
    Co-authored with Cornelius Dube
    This briefing paper examines cartels from the African perspective. A lot of literature already exists about the likely impact of cartels on developing countries. This paper therefore tries to relate existing literature on cartels to information on cartels in Africa with the aid of a few examples. It tries to explore factors that have contributed to making the continent prone to cartelisation, and the economic implications of such cartels; it also explains why there should be more concern about cartels in Africa.
  • ‘Public Interest’ Issues In Competition Analysis(C-CIER No 8/2008)
    Co-authored with Udai S Mehta and Cornelius Dube
    This briefing paper tries to define ‘public interest’ and highlight issues that are normally regarded as relating to ‘public interest’. The paper will also highlight how select Competition Authorities, using different competition laws, deal with public interest issues in their respective countries, and make recommendations while dealing with public interest issues in competition law.
  • Evolution of Competition Policy & Law(C-CIER No 6/2006)
    Co-authored with Simon J Evenett
    This Briefing Paper seeks to trace the evolution of competition policy and law and also examines the driving forces acting behind the adoption and implementation of competition laws and policies by countries across the globe.
  • Competition Issues in the Market on Farm Goods – From the rural poor to luxurious supermarkets: Who profits? (C-CIER Policy Brief No 2/2005)
    Co-authored with Alice Pham
    This Briefing Paper highlights the impact of restricted competition in the global market for agricultural commodities vis-à-vis the poor producers in developing economies, and the consumers.
  • Investment for Development – Civil Society Perceptions(C-CIER No 1/2005)
    Co-authored with Nitya Nanda
    This Briefing Paper discusses the civil society perceptions, which have been shaped by a combination of the current economic climate of greater liberalisation and openness in economic policy, and perhaps more importantly, on the actual experiences of their countries. It also intended to raise awareness and build capacities of civil society, policymakers and investors on investment issues.
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Competition Policy(C-CIER No 2/2005)
    Co-authored with Nitya Nanda
    The Briefing Paper suggests the proper implementation of competition policy which can play an important role in promoting an open and competitive environment for both domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • Trade, Competition & Multilateral Competition Policy(CITEE: No. 9/2000)
    Co-authored with Ujjwal Kumar
    This Briefing Paper is divided into three sections: ‘Trade and Competition Policy’ explores the interaction between trade and competition policy, ‘Competition and WTO’ explains and deals with the status of competition policy issues at the WTO, and ‘Whither Multilateral Competition Policy’ explores the current debate vis-à-vis multilateral arrangement on competition policy.
  • Competition Regime in India: What is Required? (CITEE: No. 5/2000)
    Co-authored with Ujjwal Kumar
    This Briefing Paper discusses various dimensions the new competition policy and law should address. It also suggests an institutional structure that would ensure fair regulation of competition in a country as diverse as India.
  • Globalising Liberalisation without Regulations! – Or, How to Regulate Foreign Investment and TNCs(CUTS: No. 6/1996)
    This Briefing Paper looks at the history of investment regulation and suggests measures, which are needed to ensure an equitable framework for investment, if one is necessary at all, at this stage.
  • Competition Policy In A Globalising and Liberalising World Economy
    (CUTS: No. 4/1996)
    Co-authored with Phillip Evans
    This Briefing Paper examines the need for both a strengthened domestic competition policy and an international competition policy, which is imperative for all countries in this age of globalising and liberalising world economy.

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