Competition Law & Policy

  • Competition Law has no Rivals!The Economic Times, May 10, 2003A competition law has enabled the growth process by conserving scarce resources and aiding the growth process in the economy. One will need sufficient resources to ensure that the agency is not another lame-duck. It can also pay for itself, and add to the national exchequer.
  • Properly Enforced Competition Law Can Aid Growth and Help the Poor Also! New Delhi, April 01, 2003In spite of the economic uncertainties, it is yet possible to achieve a growth higher than the 5-6% being forecasted by our think tanks. For this, inter alia, one needs an effective competition law to ensure that the market imperfections are regulated and curbed.
  • Dear Mr. Finance MinisterThe Financial Express, February 02, 2003The government must do away with a long list of subsidies in goods and services, where continued support is not warranted.
  • New Competition Regime – Better Resources and Will Called ForThe Hindu Business Line, January 10, 2003Competition law and policy should complement and be complemented by other policies. This warrants not only clarity at the policy-making level but the provision of adequate resources to ensure its effectiveness.
  • New Competition Law, Sans the Wherewithal?The Financial Express, December 23, 2002Seven crucial ingredients which will enable us to turn our new competition law into an effective one include: finances; personnel; advocacy; compliance education, capacity building, networking and political education.
  • National Interest vs Competition — Need to Strike the Right BalanceThe Hindu Business Line, December 10, 2002The challenge for policymakers is how to strike a balance between competition policy and industrial policy when formulating and integrating them into national development strategies.
  • Why We Need a New Competition LawThe Economic Times, December 10, 2002We have had a competition law since 1969 by the name of Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act. But, that law has become redundant for several reasons. Therefore, a new law has been drafted and is likely to come up before the current session of Parliament.
  • How Free Will The Competition Commission Be?The Financial Express, October 18, 2001In late 1998, when firms of Pakistan increased the price of cement bags by about 75 per cent overnight, the Monopoly Control Authority (MCA) of Pakistan investigated and discovered a cartel.

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