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  • Consumer Protection Act and the Supreme Court
    The book ‘COPRA and the Supreme Court’ is specially written to act as a comprehensive and reliable manual of the Consumer Protection Act and its application in the interest of the consumer. It offers precise and up-to-date information on all the inter-related topics under provisions relating to consumer protection, application of the Act etc. The compendium of decisions given by Hon’ble Supreme Court on different subjects is expected to serve the special needs of consumer activists and advocates, in particular, and all other concerned, in general.
    Pp 112, #0710, Rs 100/US$15, ISBN: 978-81-8257-088-7
  • State of the Indian Consumer: Analyses of the Implementation of the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection, 1985, in India
    The UN Guidelines have outlined eight areas for consumer protection, which have been translated into eight consumer rights for our discussion in this study. This report/study is meant to highlight the present status with respect to the eight consumer rights in the Indian context. The main objective of this stocktaking exercise is to help in the drafting of a National Consumer Policy and to suggest measures to be undertaken in the future for the proper implementation of the same. The report is also expected to help other countries, particularly the developing ones, in protecting and promoting consumer rights.
    Pp 218, #0103, Rs 200/US$25, ISBN: 81-87222-21-2
  • Numbers At What Cost?
    This publication of CUTS raises the issue of fatalities and morbidities in women as a consequence of the sterilisation operations performed during the family planning drive. This book is dedicated to those motherless children whose mothers were just numbers sacrificed at the altar of family planning; to those women who were treated with scant respect and concern at the sterilisation camps; and to those mothers who were poised between life and death due to sterilisation mishaps. It reveals many untold stories of tragic happenings.
    Pp 82, #9809, Rs 100/US$30, ISBN: 81-87222-34-4
  • How to Survive as A Consumer?
    This book is the first in the series of publications under the serial entitled Caveat Emptor or ‘How to Survive as A Consumer’, caveat emptor being a Latin legal maxim for Buyers Beware. It aims to serve many purposes: A to Z encyclopaedia for consumer redressal; law for the layperson; invaluable reference for students, business, government, consumer courts, lawyers and consumers on Consumer Protection Act (COPRA); and Training manual on COPRA.
    English: Pp316, #9808, Rs 100/US$12, ISBN: 81-87222-13-1
    Hindi: #0104, ISBN: 81-8722-41-7
  • Consumer: What to do? How to do?
    This manual of CUTS (or survival kit for consumers) has been written keeping this objective in mind so that those who would like to work in this field can be better informed about consumerism, consumer rights, consumer laws and formation of an organisation so that they are able to carry the consumer revolution to very nook and corner of our country. This guide is a self-teaching device for such people as well as those already in the field of consumerism.
    Pp 128, 1989 by CUTS

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