• Don’t Take It Out On The Roads

    The Hindu Business Line, November 07, 2003

    Jaipur’s image of a city of non-belligerent road-users was dented recently. A minor mishap involving the cars of a bureaucrat and an MLA ended up in a major brawl.

  • Election reforms and `Shekhawat formula’

    The Hindu Business Line, August 08, 2003

    For a form of government, which is essentially “of the people, for the people and by the people”, it goes without saying that elections are a prerequisite, especially so if it is to be preserved not just as a democracy but a “vibrant democracy”.

  • Surrogate Advertising — Needed, a Spirited Attack

    The Hindu Business Line, May 23, 2003

    The Cable TV Network Regulation Act prohibits tobacco and liquor advertisements on T.V. channels. However the liquor industry found a way around the ban: Surrogate advertisements for cocktail mixers, fruit juices and soda water using the brand names of the popular liquors.

  • Globalisation is no Frankenstein

    The Hindu Business Line, April 18, 2003

    Though globalisation has helped a large number of poor come out of poverty, it continues to be attacked by all and sundry for reasons, which are often inexplicable. Using the WTO as a bugbear has been quite a fashion with many.

  • Tackling Governance, From Top to Bottom

    The Hindu Business Line, March 31, 2003

    As consumer organisations around the world commemorated the World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, one such consumer body demonstrated the impact the civil society can have on raising awareness on the key issues surrounding development and poverty reduction.

  • Why Globalisation is not Always Bad

    The Hindu Business Line, January 15, 2003

    This New Year witnessed anti-globalisation protests in Hyderabad. It is true that globalisation can affect people unless it is accompanied by the right policies at the right time, and an in-built monitoring and reviewing mechanism.

  • Want a Free Run, Behave Responsibly

    The Financial Express, August 05, 2002

    There are at least two good reasons why business must live up to its broader role in society.

  • Spreading the world’s wealth, equitably

    The Financial Express, March 22, 2001

    Clare Short, the British government’s international development minister needs to be congratulated for her bold initiative in publishing the second white paper on globalisation and development. The latest one: “Eliminating World Poverty: Making Globalisation Work for the Poor” reflects the seriousness about helping the poor.

  • Growth on its own cannot lead to poverty reduction

    The Economic Times, February 17, 2001

    One doesn’t need to be an economist to understand that along with growth, investment in social sectors is an imperative in our campaign to eradicate poverty.

  • Is liberalisation harming consumers and the economy?

    The Economic Times, January 20, 2001

    Many would like to believe that the current process of globalisation and liberalisation is harmful to our economy because several small and medium scale factories are closing due to cheaper import of consumer goods.

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