Trade & Economic Issues

  • Process and Production Methods (PPMs) – Implications for Developing Countries (CITEE: No. 7/2000)
    Co-authored with Sandeep K. Tetarwal
    This Briefing Paper examines the pros and cons of PPMs as a trade issue. In fact, most of the environmental problems are intrinsically local and their effects do not get transferred to importing countries through products.
  • The Linkages: Will It Escalate? (CITEE: No. 1/1999)
    Co-authored with Raghav Narsalay
    This Briefing Paper discusses the incoherence and inequity of introducing environmental issues and labour standards on to the WTO platform and their harm to the sustainable development prospects of the developing world.
  • The Uruguay Round, and Going Beyond Singapore (CUTS: No. 1/1997)
    The World Trade Organisation (WTO) came into being on January 01, 1995 as a successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), 1947. This Briefing Paper informs the reader about the basic facts on the WTO, and happenings at Singapore.
  • Textiles & Clothing – Who Gains, Who Loses and Why?
    (CITEE: No. 5/1997)
    This Briefing Paper examines the history of Textiles & Clothing (T&C) trade, the debate on trade liberalisation and its impact on sustainable development and suggests steps to achieve the same.
  • TRIPs and Pharmaceuticals: Implications for India (CITEE: No. 8/1997)
    Co-authored with Bipul Chatterjee & Rajat Chaudhuri
    This Briefing Paper examines the issue of patents and their impact on the pharmaceutical industry in India and consumers.
  • Movement of Natural Persons under GATS: Problems and Prospects
    (CITEE: No. 9/1997)
    Co-authored with Bipul Chatterjee
    This Briefing Paper analyses various issues regarding the movement of natural persons under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) framework. In particular, the issue of market access in the developed world is argued in detail.
  • The Freezing Effect – Lack of Coherence in the New World Trade Order
    (CUTS: No. 1/1996)
    Several new trade issues, i.e. environment, labour standards and investment have been loaded on a fatigued, incapacitated and bewildered South. This Briefing Paper examines the incoherence of the new issues and places them in the context of a holistic view.
  • The Circle of Poison – Unholy Trade in Domestically Prohibited Goods (DPGs) (CUTS: No. 8/1996)
    Co-authored with Bipul Chatterjee
    This Briefing Paper examines the broader issue of international trade and investment in DPGs, their impact on local and global environment, human welfare and what appropriate actions should be taken to stop the unholy trade in DPGs.
  • WTO: Beyond Singapore – The Need for Equity and Coherence
    (CUTS: No. 12/1996)
    Co-authored with Raghav Narsalay
    This Briefing Paper examines the current situation, looks at the road blocks ahead and argues for equity and coherence in the multilateral trading system, so as to create a win-win situation.

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