Trade Policy

  • Ministers ignoring costs of failure
    The Kathmandu Post, Nepal, December 06, 2005
    Hectic parleys continue among key ministers to try and get a deal on the Hong Kong declaration of the WTO, which will be better than what has been put out on 26th November. The efforts being made by governments to do this are unprecedented in WTO’s history.
  • WTO Hong Kong Ministerial – Ministers not addressing the costs of failure
    The Financial Express, Bangladesh, December 04, 2005
    The 26th November declaration is a draft with the hope that the ministers will address the gaps and possibly arrive at some better text at Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong WTO meet will test Lamy’s skills
    The Financial Express, October 01, 2005
    The whole world’s eyes are on the Hong Kong ministerial of the WTO, loaded with questions on whether it will succeed like in Doha, or will it fail like in Cancun.
  • Doha agenda before HK meeting
    The Kathmandu Post, Nepal, September 22, 2005
    Pascal Lamy has a tough job in getting some movement on the WTO`s Doha Development Round. There is no stress on his face, in spite of a gruelling 16 hours plus a day.
  • Pascal’s postulate
    The News, September 11, 2005
    WTO’s new Director General Pascal Lamy had a stormy relationship with G-20 while he was working as European Union’s trade commissioner. Will this change now?
  • Sustaining India’s services revolution
    The Financial Express, India, May 10, 2005
    Among the challenges that lie ahead is some hard negotiating at the WTO.
  • Why should trade await a final settlement?
    The Financial Express, India, April 23, 2005
    In fact, concretisation of Indo-Pak trade relations is bound to deliver a peace dividend.
  • India needs new alliances at WTO
    The Economic Times, India, March 31, 2005
    If India has to move the agenda on services forward, it has to create an alliance of like-minded group of demandeur countries. Only then can we hope to make India a strong player in the services sector.
  • Doha Round: work out new alliances
    The Financial Express, India, March 15, 2005
    It’s in the services sector that India will emerge as a major global player.
  • Everyone Wishes to Break the Logjam At WTO, But…
    The Financial Express, January 26, 2004
    For Pascal Lamy, the outgoing European trade supremo, the recent whistlestop tour of Asia was part of a personal ambition to turn round Cancun September 2003. But, considering the position adopted by the G-20 on agriculture and the G-90 on Singapore issues, unless the US and EU see some sense and climb down sincerely, the Doha Round of WTO will continue to remain on an artificial life support system.

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