Trade Policy

  • Engaging states in trade aspirations
    The Financial Express, October 14, 2004
    The year 2004’s trade policy appears to be most ambitious amongst all previous policies as it aims to double India’s share in world trade to 1.5 percent by 2009.
  • Why do the rich not take UNCTAD seriously?
    The Hindu Business Line, August 03, 2004
    The rich countries have not only tried to curb UNCTAD’s role in the international trade arena, but over time have continued to show their increasing indifference.
  • End Of Textiles Quotas May Not Be Smooth
    The Financial Express, June 18-19, 2004
    The demise of the quota system in the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing at the end of this year may not be smooth on several counts.
  • OECD Steel Subsidies Agreement: Wrong Path to Tread
    The Financial Express, June 04, 2004
    The international community is engaged in a trade negotiation, not at the WTO, but at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Negotiating an international agreement at the OECD would set a wrong precedent for a number of reasons.
  • Winning the Battle, But Losing the War
    The Financial Express, May 01, 2004
    A recent decision of the WTO appellate body in the matter of India’s dispute against the European Union (EU) has two sides, like in a coin.
  • Moving the Doha Round — II
    The Financial Express, April 22, 2004
    The farm accord at WTO will continue to hold the Doha Round to ransom. The European Union had hoped to get an extension of the besieged peace clause in 2004 at the WTO ministerial meet in Cancún, Mexico.
  • Key to Moving the Doha Round – I
    The Financial Express, April 20, 2004
    Agriculture continues the dog the debate at WTO in Geneva. Following the Cancún debacle, negotiators are locked in debate to move the agenda forward. There is a 20-yard movement, but it is slow.
  • Food Security More Crucial than Health Under TRIPs
    The Financial Express, April 01, 2004
    The concern for public health under TRIPs has always been a priority. There is more need than ever to develop future scenarios of the impact of TRIPs on food security, and start a solid debate from now itself.
  • Are the Big Two Serious On Moving Doha Round Forward?
    The Financial Express, February 14, 2004
    The levels of confidence and trust in the trading system continue to be eroded. That will certainly have an adverse effect on moving on the Doha Round.

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