Trade Policy

  • Between Farm & Pharma, Nothing Special About Differential Treatment
    The Financial Express, January 06, 2003
    When negotiators at the WTO broke for the winter holiday, champagne bottles were not uncorked as none of the deadlines could be met.
  • Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
    The Financial Express, January 03, 2003
    The negotiations at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have not got off to a good start in 2003. This is certainly the opinion of Pascal Lamy, the EU’s Trade Chief, who has branded the US pharmaceutical lobby to not allow the government to agree a settlement on access to essential medicines “very stupid.”
  • Third World Should Keep its Eyes Open
    The Financial Express, December 18, 2002
    The Doha agenda is likely to be mired in a show of virility between the European Union (EU) and the US. Each will flex its muscles. To reduce the pressure on its agriculture reforms, the EU will go after anti-dumping, which as we know, is a red rag for the US.
  • Tough Times Ahead for Harbinson and Smith
    The Financial Express, December 09, 2002
    The suave Chairman of the General Council, Stuart Harbinson’s task was to ensure the successful completion of the Doha Ministerial Conference. On the other hand, Ambassador Ransford Smith of Jamaica, as Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Development (CTD), also has the enviable task of doing a Harbinson to resolve sticky negotiations on Special & Differential Treatment.
  • Agriculture is Key to Doha
    The Financial Times, December 04, 2002
    The progress on the Doha Development Agenda has been miserable. We have failed to meet the key deadlines. It is not industrial tariffs; it is agriculture liberalisation, which holds the key.
  • Will the Sydney ‘Mini-ministerial’ Provide the Much Needed Boost?
    The Financial Express, November 19, 2002
    “The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is like a bicycle, which collapses if it does not move forward”, said C. Fred Bergsten, a noted trade expert. Due to lack of progress in negotiations over the last one year on several fronts, the ‘bicycle’ seems to be losing its balance (if not collapsing) once again.
  • The Uphill Battle at WTO Continues
    The Financial Express, October 21, 2002 & The News, October 27, 2002
    “We will face an uphill battle at Cancun if we do not grapple successfully with the intermediate deadlines”, said a worried WTO chief, Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi at the first meeting of the Trade Negotiations that he chaired at Geneva on October 3, 2003.
  • It’s Time to Pull Up Our Socks
    The Financial Express, September 23, 2002
    From September 10-14, 2003, the 5th Ministerial Conference of the WTO will be held at Cancun, Mexico, and countries are gearing up for negotiations.
  • WTO: The Punching Bag!
    The Hindu Business Line, September 19, 2002
    A lot of misconceptions flourish about the WTO. The role of the WTO is to ensure that every one gets a fair market, prevent exploitation, and that rules are in place to enable the aggrieved to challenge distortions.
  • There’s Both Good and Bad News From Geneva
    The Financial Times, August 26, 2002
    When the WTO went into summer recess end of July there were some good news and a few bad ones.

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